Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a fun one.  We celebrated a friends birthday by renting a limo that took us to the boutique wineries around Morgan Hill.  We packed a delicious picnic lunch and tried so much wine, some that tasted amazing and some not so much.  Oh well, it was all worth it indeed!  The above photo was taken at Martin Ranch wintery, isn't the view of the Santa Cruz mountains gorgeous?  That was the last winery we hit up and I remember sitting looking at that view, wishing the weekend wouldn't end. And then I reminded myself of all the good things I have in my life and I know the small bumps in the road we hit last week can be overcome.  

In Other News….

* I started watching Outlander.  I’m giving it one more episode before I’m out.

* This lovely little side table got a fresh makeover this weekend!  I'll post about it later this week.

* The NRF estimates that families spends $669 on back to school shopping.  Is anyone else floored by this number??

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Friday, August 15, 2014 Review

Last year I had a ton of extra clothes that I needed to clear out of my own closet.  I threw those and a few kids pieces into a ThredUp bag and used the service.  I wasn't overly happy with the results.  I got barely a few dollars for items that were brand new, some still having the tags on them!  When I asked a friend about their experience she recommended as an alternative. provides an easy to print free shipping label and I used an old Amazon box to pack my stuff in.  They ask that your items be laundered and free of stains, holes etc.  I packed my box with approximately 25 items consisting of a mixture of Baby Gap and Carters pieces. 

A few weeks later I got an email stating my items had arrived and the Valet service was going to photograph and list my items.’s Valet service essentially photographs and lists your item.  They also determine if pieces should be sold as lots or as single pieces.  Six days after that I got an email that my items were ready for pricing!
lets you the seller price your own items, and you can manipulate the price if something doesn’t sell.  I like this much better than ThredUp which prices your items for you.

I priced my items between $4-7 just to see if they would move.  One day later I began getting messages that several items had sold.  Two weeks after that I got a deposit in my Paypal account for the sum of the items that had sold minus fees.  Speaking of’s selling fees, they charge $1 + 20% of sales price so for example: $3 fee for a sales price of $10 (you would get $7).  The fees can be steep but for reference I sent in 25 items consisting of Baby Gap and Carters items and have made almost $40.  That’s way more than what a garage sale would net.

It’s been about five weeks since I sent in my items and so far 11 items have sold for a total of $38.  There was a lag there when no items moved so I lowered the prices a bit and sure enough several sold the next day.  I love the ease of changing prices and how I can quickly bring up what items are left in the original lot.  I also like that I just pack a box, print the label, ship it and they deal with the rest of it. 

The website will hold and display your items for a set amount of time.  Once that time is up you can either sell them for the price offered by the website or have them shipped back to you (you pay the shipping fees.)  One thing that drives me crazy is that there is no way to track when your Paypal deposits were made on the site, so you need to keep good records in case there is any problem with Paypal. 

Overall, I’m loving and have an even bigger box getting ready to be sent!  Have you used the service yet?  What did you think about it?

*This review is strictly from my own experience. provided me no compensation to post this!

Monday, August 11, 2014

One Last Hurrah

This weekend we wanted to have one last hurrah as a family since school is starting, so we went to our favorite haunt, Santa Cruz.  It's so easy to explain my love for the area.  The weather usually gets clear by the afternoon, the vibe is super relaxed and there is a total of 29 miles of beaches to enjoy.  It’s a place that I’d love to live full time but managing the windy road there every single day would be tough.


On this trip, we took the girls to the Santa Cruz Natural History Museum where they learned about the Ohlone Indians, touched mussels and starfish in the tide pool and stared at animals that had been through the taxidermy process.  This museum is a tiny little building but perfect for the littles with all their hands on exhibits.  Parking can be a disaster since it’s directly across from  Seabright Beach so go early to get a permit from the front desk.  Even still, it’s a great and cheap activity since kids are free and adults are $2 each!

We had lunch at the Surf Bistro and Bakery which was delicious.  And finally, it’s not a trip to SC without stopping off at Verve for coffee and cookies.  

I hope your weekend was fantastic!  Don’t forget to enter my Sample Society giveaway, it ends in 2 days!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This Bliss Life Sample Society Giveaway!

Seriously is it Friday yet?  This week has been an exhausting tornado of meetings, consulting work and sick babies.  Today was a doozy so I went to get my hair done because there are few things that feel better than someone shampooing my hair!  I truly enjoy my time at my awesome hair studio because it's solely me time when I relax and joke with my hair stylist.  

Annnnnnd keeping with the theme of enjoying something for yourself I'm giving away a Sample Society box!

Sample Society is a monthly makeup and beauty product subscription box and it's one of my favorite out there.  Go enter and good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is not affiliated or endorsed by Sample Society.  As always thank you for supporting this site!

Friday, August 1, 2014


Yes, I did survive BlogHer14!  And I just got back from Houston yesterday!  I’ll post my views on the conference in a separate blog but I must say that I am exhausted. I'm feeling lately like I can't catch up all of the things I want to get done and I get really cranky when that happens.  I'm a working mom and some days that really weighs on me.  I worry that I'm not spending enough time with my girls and frankly that I'll regret all this time that I'm away from them and traveling for work.  On other days, I feel like I'm in the midst of so many interesting projects at work that I can't walk away and frankly, I love the options we have with a double income. 

At this very second I know that I need some rest and some quality time with my babies will do me a world of good.

In Other News:

* Maui in 50ish days.  That picture above is the beach where we will be staying for a week.  Take me there now.

* The Mad Max trailer!!  It’s completely insane and a movie that I will happily accompany my husband to see.  

* I’ve also been busy putting in some time on a cause close to my heart, Unravel Pediatric Cancer and #love4jlk.  Won't you follow along on Instagram at unravelcancer?

* This book was amazing.  I read it on the plane on the way home and was just blown away at how different all the stories were but also at just how GOOD they were.

* Also, feel free to add me if you are also on goodreads!  I'm always looking for new books to check out.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pre BlogHer Thoughts!

BlogHer 14 officially starts tomorrow and what can I say I’m super nervous!!  By the skin of my teeth I’m ready after the husband designed some business cards and I picked up a few dresses at Old Navy.

Here are the things I’m hoping attending BlogHer will give me more clarity on:

1.  What do I want this space to be?  It borders on lifestyle, DIY, home renovation and is basically just a snapshot of my life at any given time.  I think it needs more of a focus but I still want the flexibility to post whatever the heck I want.

2.  Finding other blogger friends.  I would love to team up with other bloggers for giveaways, blog challenges, etc and I basically have favorite blogs but have never reached out to any of those bloggers.  Plus, most of my favorites are “famous” and I have no idea how to connect with them.

3. Figuring out monetizing this space.  I only occasionally post affiliate links and want to connect with brands and advertisers that I really like, not just post a bunch of ads all over this space.  There’s a fine line between a fun blog and one that is purely for profit, giving “advice” on products that aren’t the best while raking in the revenue from the hits to specific links.  

What am I nervous about?  Not knowing anyone!  Not connecting with people!  I can’t be the only one thinking these things, right??

I’ll be on twitter with my BlogHer 14 thoughts starting tomorrow night at the kick off celebration!  Follow me @_tiffanyt_

Friday, July 18, 2014

Target Summer Clearance Haul!

The infamous Target Summer Clearance has come and gone.  I didn’t have much enthusiasm this year…until I saw that sunscreen was included in the sale.  At 90% they were $1.39, buy 3 get 1 free!  We are going through two cans a day over here with all of the fun summer camp activities so I made sure I stocked up! 

Here are some photos of my haul.

Cups for my sister and her brood!  Gool Gear cups were .60 each and the large jug was .99!  Perfect for my niece who has cheerleading practice in the hot afternoons!

I also scored a good assortment of summer fun toys for the weekend.  Included were hula hoops for.29, jump ropes for .49, hooded towels for $1.49.  The tumblers were 1.99 , the pizza spatula was 1.79 and the tin tray/buckets were about $2.00.

 My best score were these sand chairs for $2.00 each.  Ours were falling to pieces and these will be a great replacement!  The kids chairs were also $2.00 each, we have the purple version and my kids love to sit on them outside.

Did you end up shopping the Target Summer Clearance?  What did you buy?