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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Quick weekend recap ahead but first…..what do you think of the new blog design??  I’m very happy with the way it came out.  Ashley at Dinasaur Stew was super easy to worth with and customized one of her designs for me.  It’s clean and crisp, 2015 is starting out right for this space!

In Other News.....

*  I was taken out by a nasty cold this weekend which reminded me that I really need to go get a flu shot.  It's been on my to do list for months but I've been super lazy.  Since I literally stayed in bed most of the time, we watched American Sniper and Wild.  American Sniper was tough to get through and Wild seemed to end really abruptly.  Like, I was totally into the story and then bam she comes to a bridge and the movie just ends.  Huh.  Anyway, P and I are making lots of progress on ticking off movies before the Oscars air, did anyone else see those movies and if so, what did you think?

*  I stumbled a bit on Eat In Month this weekend.  But in my defense, I was so sick that I needed some Wor Won Ton soup from my favorite chinese spot.  Yes, I could have attempted to make it at home but sometimes you just need the comfort food that you KNOW will make you feel better and that soup hit the spot.
This dress was my favorite of the Golden Globes.  Sienna looked fierce!

Thinking ahead...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

So let’s see, we are almost two weeks into 2015 and I’ve decided that I’m not making resolutions this year.  I didn’t make them last year, I actually made a few home goals many of which I never actually completed.  We traveled a few times as a family, saw cancer steal the life of Jennifer Lynn, worked to combat childhood cancer, enjoyed a weekend away with no children and celebrated a one year birthday.

I’m not really sure what this year will look like for us.  I know for sure that we will be traveling again.  P and I will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and I think we will plan a few small trips with the girls.  I would like to finally start those bathroom renovations that we’ve been putting off and finally finish up our living room that has fallen to the wayside.  I would love to finally to get organized and see my friends a lot more.  But I won’t pressure myself to get it all done at once. 

I “officially” started The Chic Life’s Eat In Month challenge this weekend.  I traveled last week to Arizona and ate at Pomo’s and The Roaring Fork both of which were totally delicious.  But now we are back at eating in and you can follow my posts on my instagram account.  I know, I know, instagramming food posts are so cliche but they really keep me on track.  I also like to follow the #eatinmonth hashtag and see what others pack themselves for lunch and the recipes they are using for dinner.

As for the blog I hope to be here a lot more often and I hope you stick with me.  Sometimes it only feels like my mom and sister read this silly little thing but then someone will bring it up and I think oh!, maybe I do have more than just two readers!

Thank you for the support.

Be well,


Monday, January 5, 2015

  • I’m so happy that we are back to our regular schedule, it was rough getting up today but we made it through.  We have a busy week ahead of work, Eat In Month and gymnastics.  Not the most exciting time but we need some familiar routine in our lives. 

  • The winner of the EOS set was Jennifer Frank Lopez!  Please email me so I can send your the goodies.

  • I finished two books over the break, Rivers and In the Beginning by Michael Farris.  The books tell the story of Cohen, a man trying to survive horrible storms in the Gulf area.  The government has essentially abandoned those in the area and Cohen attempts to get several women and teenagers back into civilization and away from a psychotic preacher.  They were fantastic books.

  • Over the weekend I went on some Target 90% Christmas clearance hunt, here is a sample of my some of my haul!  This was about three stores and I paced myself.  Some of my favorite finds were the wristlets for $1.50, chocolate covered almonds, books for .69 and the kid pajamas for $1.49!  Such good deals and I will store them for next year Christmas!  

Close5 Sponsored Post and App Review!

Friday, December 19, 2014

This is a “sponsored post.” written by me and sponsored by Bloggin' Mamas and Close5.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s rules and regulations.

Those who know me know I cannot stand clutter.  I’m always cleaning out, moving furniture around and changing my space because a lack of organization makes me CRAZY.  Recently I had the opportunity to review a new app that makes it possible for you to sell old items!  Close5 is a new app with a simple concept- it allows users to post items for sale.  Users in the nearby vicinity can review, comment and make offers on each items. 

I personally sell any items on Facebook swap boards so I was curious, would an app make it easier to sell items?  What sorts of items were people looking to unload?  Would there be any people in my area?

Downloading and Adding Items

Downloading the app is very easy, I just searched Close5 on iTunes and it was the first application to pop up.  After downloading I allowed it to access my Facebook account and boom, my profile was created and I could add an item!  There is a simple menu that pops that up that allows the use to easily access any part of the app they need to like selling and searching items.

I chose to put up one item to start off.  It was an extra set of travel bags I had purchased a few years ago and never used. 

First, I allowed the application to access my photos.  The app guides you to resize your image to fit the uniform sizes of all items that you scroll through.  It also allows you to add multiple pictures showing different angles of the item.  This to me is a huge perk.  For example if you sell something on eBay you have to pay for additional images but Close5 allows you to add them, all for free!  Second, I added some descriptions of my item and a price.  Pressing done will add the items for sale and then you wait until someone comments that they are interested.  Here is the finished product!

Pros and Cons

After almost 4 days for sale my item hasn’t sold BUT I have played a bit with the application and here are my thoughts.  The app doesn’t seem to be location stable.  So, if I’m in San Francisco and choose to place an item, that item is listed as SF as my area.  If I go home to San Jose and post another item that item pops up under San Jose and as far as I can tell there is no way to change the location.  This creates problems of course, I should be able to list items in whatever area I choose, not just were the locator on my phone says. 

These issues are minor however as I can see that this application has the potential to replace Craigslist.  The user interface is so simple to use and gone are the days of endless back and forth emails requesting more pictures and details.  Close5 gives you the means and audience to sell your items.  I like that you can share your posts to Facebook and Twitter which means you don’t have to limit your potential buyers to just Close5 users.  I think that’s a great touch.  One other thing I noticed is there there is a private message system.  So, if you are interested in a item it looks like you need to leave a comment or press the make an offer button.  I suspect that might prompt a new private window but although I didn’t sell my items, it’s clear that there is a private way  for items to get negotiated and exchanged.  

Overall I think Close5 has the potential to be a great way to sell items laying around your house to people that are in your neighborhood.  Have you tried the app out?  Would it be something you would ever use?

Top Five Mommy Must Haves and a Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Today I'm partnering up with Ashley of Heart Hug Designs to bring you another giveaway this week! Ashley asked me to share my top five Mommy Must Haves and here they are!

1.  I know people reach for the Sophie the Giraffe but with Kiki, we tried out the Vulli Chan Pie Gnon Pink and she really liked playing with it.  It's a squeaky toy that also doubles as a teether.  It's easy to keep clean and fits nicely in our diaper bag for those days where I need to bring stuff to keep her busy.

2.  We love these Zoli Baby BOT Straw Sippy Cup - Purple - 9 oz sippy cups!  There a weight on the bottom of the straw that makes it easy for your little one to get the last of the water in there.  They are easy to clean and BPA free, we have about 4 of these in the house.

3.  Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket, Bamboo Rayon, 3 count, Azure are the softest, coziest blankets EVER.  Even though we don't swaddle Kiki anymore these are perfect for a light blanket on those hot summer nights.

4.  Cloud b Sleep Sheep - On The Go - Travel Sound Machine is a great item to bring while traveling.  Both of our kids are used to their sound machine and when we bring this, it adds some comfort to them while sleeping in a different room.

5.  I'm all about eco friendly products and the Seventh Generation Baby Lotion, 6 Ounce is a must have staple in my home.  These products smell a tiny bit like citrus and are gentle enough for baby's skin.

I'm giving away a $25 Amazon Gift card to help start you off with your own must haves!  Enter in the rafflecopter square below and be sure to visit Heart Hug Designs who is also giving away an Amazon gift card and sharing her must haves!

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Thursday Thoughts and a Special Edition EOS Giveaway!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

  • How is everyone doing today? I’m huddled down in the house with hot tea, working from home since the Storm of the Century has hit the Bay Area. At first I was sort of thinking that it was the newscasters going crazy over nothing but now I’m realizing that this is serious business. The flooding and trees down in my neighborhood is nuts!

  • My husband sent this movie trailer to me and I must say, he knows me quite well. Disaster movies like this are my jam and this one is about the San Andreas fault!?!? I’m in!

  • This is the earliest we have ever put up a Christmas tree and I was stoked to see our new stockings arrive. I’ve been on the hunt for cable knit stockings forever and Lands End came through. 

  • In honor of being homebound because of this storm, I’m giving away some of my favorite lip balms! EOS came out with a Rachel Roy special edition and it can be yours, just enter!

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Acure Organics: Party with a Purpose Product Recap and Giveaway

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A few months ago I was selected to take part in the Acure Organics Show Your Face party.  The premise was simple, watch a Acure produced documentary and throw a party with friends to try out Acure products.  Acure makes skin care products mostly made with organic ingredients so I was looking forward to trying them out.  All of their products are gluten free with no synthetic preservatives, and they are cruelty free!
My friends and I we already having a girls night out so I brought out all the products for everyone to try.  My personal favorites were the Clarifying Mint Body Wash which has a really strong scent but I love that it wakes me up first thing in the morning!  I thought it lathered up and rinsed cleanly but the fact that the scent is amazing and the ingredients won’t make me have an allergic reaction makes me love this stuff even more!
My friend C tried out the Shampoo and Conditioner and she reported back that she liked use the products on her curly hair.  I also tried out the Facial Moisturizer and found that it was gentle on my skin but didn’t give me the soft feel that my Simple facial moisturizer did.
If you've never tried Acure products, here is an opportunity.  I’m giving away a few full size Acure Organics items, so feel free to enter below!

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*Acure provided some products but all opinions are my own.