Not Goodbye...

Monday, February 24, 2014

The lovely little JLK passed away almost two weeks ago.  She is always in my thoughts, always dressed in a princess dress, always dashing around her house....

Explaining this to my daughter has been tough.  She wasn't super emotional about it but had a ton of questions, some that just stopped me in my tracks.  She is very curious about cancer and the tumor, but also she was very worried if other people had it specifically JLK's family.  She was also was concerned about JLK's younger brother.  She asked me several times about him, if he would still have a sister and I reassured her that he would be ok, that he would have his family and be loved and protected.  I think it was her first instinct to ask about him because of their brother-sister bond.  Even my 5 year old can recognize that JLK and her brother were inseparable.  Even still, the questions come at times that I least expect them.  How does someone get to Heaven? Will Jennifer be able to dance in Heaven?  There are no owies in Heaven, right mom?

The celebration was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget.  To see the pictures and to see JLK's mother up there so strong- it seemed very fitting.  The celebration ended with a dance session to the song Brave.  It was just perfect.  I didn't feel like it was a goodbye.  It was more "we love and miss you" something that Libby admitted is always in her thoughts.   

I was able to touch base with so many people at the reception even if it was just a quick hug, smile or arm squeeze.  The village that has been forged in honor of JLK has been so amazing.  Thank you for holding up the Kranz family.  Thank you for wishing them strength and love.  Thank you. 

You can continue to follow the families journey in their fight for more pediatric cancer research and loving memories of JLK here.

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