Rain and my Ikea Haul

Friday, February 7, 2014

A winter rain storm barreled through the Bay Area today and I'm so thankful for the rain watering my plants and my lemon and lime trees.  I kept the tea pot going all day and got some work done while streaming the Olympic opening ceromonies on BBC this morning.  I plotted out our weekend which will include birthdays and picking out paint samples for the big sisters room.  But most importantly I unpacked the rest of my IKEA haul which I'm sharing below!

1. The Raskog cart.  Finally they are mine!! I bought two, one for the kitchen and one for A's room.  The kitchen one will hold a few things that I no longer have room for on our kitchen counters while the one in A's room will hold various books and stuff.

2. (4) Ekby Hensvik Brackets.  These will be paired with the large Hemnes shelves for A's room.

3. 2 Ursula Euro pillows!  I've loved these ever since I saw my friend Holly from In the Fun Lane pair them with white ruffles on her cozy bed.

4.  Omvaxlande Tray.  I didn't need this at all but got it away.  It's the turqouise, it gets me every time!

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  1. I've wanted that cart FOREVER!!! I love, love, love it. Hope you post pictures of them loaded and in their homes. :)